What is Percussion Therapy?


Fitness fanatics love to sweat it out in the gym. They indulge in strenuous workouts for hours at stretch in the hope of building muscle mass and to increase their stamina. What they find afterwards is that they have a sore and exhausted body that requires long rest to fully recover.

 This recovery time irritates many individuals but it is essential for the muscles and tendons to regain their condition and overcome all the wear and tear they have gone through.

 Have you heard about percussion therapy, the buzzword in the world of sports and bodybuilding? It is regarded as the latest method for the treatment of muscles and ligaments. More than that, it is a wonderful technique to make your training sessions to be more effective. Before jumping the gun, it is worthwhile to understand the basic concept behind percussion therapy.

 Percussion therapy is a technique that shortens the time it takes for the soft tissues of the human body to repair itself after an intense workout session. It does so by sending strong but brief pulses into muscle tissues. These pulses increase blood flow in the affected areas, thereby relieving pain and increasing range of motion around the joints.

 Percussion therapy also stretches the affected area gently to improve its flexibility. The user is able to get a better response from his limbs and gives a better performance.

 If you recall, you feel good after giving everything you have during a strenuous workout or a session in a gym. It is mostly because of secretion of hormones called endorphins that fill our mind with satisfaction after an intense workout. It is in this euphoric state of mind that many people forget the rest that their body deserves after a tough session in the gym. It hampers with their recovery but it can be expedited with the help of percussion therapy.


Percussion therapy is no magic but pure science

Percussion therapy is conducted with the help of a compact device that sends brief pulses to the affected areas of the body. The pressure of these pulses relaxes the muscle mass, thereby removing the stiffness that builds up after an intense workout in the gym. The gentle pressure of the pulses increases blood flow in the area and gets rid of pain and stiffness.

 If you remember the times when you have experienced pain in a muscular area of your body, you know how discomforting any type of massaging or any other therapy feels in these times.

 In sharp contrast, percussion therapy doesn’t create any discomfort or painful sensation for the user as it numbs the adjoining area of the muscle. It allows the pulses to easily penetrate the affected area in a bid to overcome soreness without causing any kind of pain.

 If you compare percussion therapy with traditional massaging, you find that it is very difficult even for trained masseurs to reach the affected area directly without causing any discomfort. In fact, most people say they feel worse after a massage than without it.


Advantages of percussion therapy:

Relief from pain and fast recovery

Percussion therapy can reach the affected soft tissues quickly through short duration pulses. It improves the blood flow and flow of oxygen to deep tissues to get rid of the sensation of pain while at the same time shortening the recovery period. The individual does not feel cramps in the affected area and his/her body is able to heal and recover very quickly.


Warms up the body before a competition

This is another important benefit of percussion therapy. It is being used by athletes around the world as a method to warm up their bodies before an important competition. Percussion therapy can get rid of tightness around muscles while toning them in a gentle manner.


Who is eligible for percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy is a technique that works well on the bodies of all the people who live an active lifestyle. It brings wonderful results for athletes and bodybuilders who sweat it out in the gym to improve their stamina and performance. Even if you are not an athlete or a weightlifter, you are a perfect candidate for percussion therapy as it repairs tired muscles and tissues to make you feel better and recover from muscle injuries quicker. You will feel much better after taking this therapy even when you feel tired and exhausted after having a hard day in your office, it will help you to feel rejuvenated.